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DIY No Carve Pumpkin Tutorial 2 - Gold Leaf

DIY No Carve Pumpkin Tutorial 2 - Gold Leaf

Bling Up your Halloween pumpkin with Gold Leaf

Nothing quite says Fancy like adding some sparkle to Halloween with this easy DIY, then accessorise with the colourful Halloween range from Guaranteed to add glam to a night of tricking and treating.


What you need

Rust-Oleum flat white primer

Rust-Oleum flat black

Gold leaf

Gilding size (water-based adhesive available at craft shops)

Paintbrushes (one to apply the adhesive and a soft bristle brush for the gold leaf)


Step 1

Spray your pumpkin on all sides with the primer. Let it dry.


Step 2

Spray your pumpkin with two coats of the black spray paint on all side, letting the paint dry between coats.


Step 3

Paint the gilding size on the area where you want to apply the gold leaf. Let it dry for about 5 minute to get tacky.


Step 4

Carefully place the gold leaf sheets on the prepared surface. Use the soft bristle brush to gently press it down.


Step 5

Once the entire area has been covered, brush away any excess gold leaf with the soft bristle brush.

Now pop it onto one of our Black 25cm Cake Stands and watch it take the centre of attention for your Fancy Halloween Party! Don't forget your Halloween Bunting and Fans from Fancy Parties!

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