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Diwali Decor Range

Diwali Decor Range

Diwali is a Hindu Festival known as Deepavali or “Festival of Lights”. It is among the Indian communities' most widely celebrated holidays worldwide, symbolising the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. At Fancy Parties, we value multiculturalism and are always at hand to help you celebrate cultural and religious traditions festively and memorably. That’s why we have dedicated a range to the beautiful festival of Diwali, the celebration of light and happiness and a time for family gatherings, joy, and reflection on one's life and spiritual well-being.


  1. The Gold Diwali Banner will add a touch of elegance to your decorations and offer the perfect backdrop to your celebrations.
  2. Our Bright Colored Star Table Scatter can be used to add a festive and whimsical touch to your dining or serving tables.
  3. Our beautiful Diwali Window Clings will transform your home with a Happy Diwali, marigold, and Diya motif.
  4. Multicoloured Mandala Paper Tableware: Mandala-themed paper tableware in a range of colours can be used for serving food and snacks. This can include paper plates, napkins, and cups with intricate mandala designs.
  5. These gorgeous Multicolored Mandala Large Paper Platters can be used to serve all your delicious treats.
  6. Our Bright Colored Honeycomb and Tassel Garland can be hung around your living space to create a vibrant and playful atmosphere.
  7. Cut our Multicoloured Diwali Hanging Decorations into any desired size to create a toran and attract the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, into your home!
  8. Place tealights or votive candles in these Assorted Glass Candle Holders to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Traditional clay diyas (oil lamps) are lit to symbolise the victory of light over darkness; therefore, lighting candles is essential to the Diwali celebration.
  9. These gold-colored Eastern-Inspired Drinks Charms can be used to label and decorate glasses at your Diwali party. These charms feature elements like elephants, lotus flowers, or other traditional motifs.
  10. Use Orange Honeycomb Glitter Baubles to brighten up specific spaces or as a décor piece on your table.


When selecting these items, you can mix and match colours, textures, and materials to create a harmonious and visually appealing Diwali décor but don’t forget to coordinate with traditional elements like diyas, rangoli, and flower decorations to maintain the essence of the Diwali festival.


We are wishing all our Fancy Parties customers a Happy Diwali!


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