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Happy Halloween & Welcome to our First Blog!

halloween party theme ideas

Welcome to our blog Fancy Followers!

We’re launching our online party supplies shop during the season of Halloween! A fun and exciting time to get dressed up and kick off the season’s festivities with a themed party!

Often with occasions and celebrations, we get bogged down by the detail of themes for parties, feeling the pressure to make the extra effort or not finding the time to make any effort at all!…not to mention the headache of cleaning up after. At FP we understand the pressures of balancing family life and career, whilst still finding the time to socialize and entertain in style.

So this year, we are celebrating our first décor for unique themed parties by going light! Get into the Halloween party spirit by decorating using our 3 easy steps!


  1. Hanging Décor

Fans, Bunting and Balloon party supplies and you’re ready to go! Our hanging fans are reversible, so you can place them against a wall or simply hang them from the ceiling. Our elegant black and gold Halloween garlands are also versatile enough for a Halloween party - be it kids parties, teens parties or even adult themed parties!  

  1. Tableware

Mix our black and peach disposable paper cups and paper plates to avoid the hassle of washing up dishes at the end of the night or prevent wasting water used by your dishwasher! You can also alternate your Halloween party theme cups and plates with our striped black and white paper cups and paper plates.

  1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins will add the perfect touch to your Halloween theme party experience! If you’re not in the mood for a big mess and the expense of a pumpkin carving kit, then skip the fuss! Check out the other blog pages on ways to decorate your pumpkin without having to carve it. Stick it onto our uber-cool black adjustable cake stands and your décor is done! Now, you’ll have more time to focus on your fancy outfit and entertaining your guests with our premium - but cost-efficient - party supplies!


Create your perfect Halloween party experience with Fancy Parties - your one-stop online party supply shop!


Happy Halloween party planning!

#FancyParties Team

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