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How To Spread Christmas Cheer This Year

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Dashing through the snow, on a Fancy Party sleigh, oh-what fun we’ll have, celebrating all the way! Come join us as we ring in the Christmas cheer with our gorgeous Christmas collection and ideas to make everyone feel special and welcome this year. 

Covid is still here, but we are definitely not letting it be the gruesome Grinch this year! No, no! It’s time to get super celebratory as we countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. And what’s better than spreading the cheer, both far and near? Our Christmas Cheer ideas are sure to sparkle and help you sleigh this Christmas! 

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Do we need to put on a Santa suit and scream this any louder from the chimney tops? The Christmas fun is all in the fabulous decorations, and this year it’s time to go BIG! Get your neighbours talking and those passers-by gawking at the awesome outdoor decorations. Decorate your trees with fairy lights. Fill your windows with our excellent festive window stencils. Get some fake snow, or even build some really cool nutcrackers with the kids with all those Black Friday boxes just lying around. However you decide to decorate, it will be lots of fun for your family and those witnessing the cheer. 

What’s more, bring it indoors too by selecting one of our fantastic Christmas themes to sparkle up your home. Remember, it’s never too early to get all Christmassy! 

The themes we have available are;

Be a Secret Santa to Someone in Need 

Be the Christmas miracle for someone this year by giving back and being the Secret Santa they most deserve. Perhaps you know of someone in need, or you can find a charity to help out. This time of the year is not always a cheer for those less fortunate. You don’t need all that food, or your kids could share those toys too. Christmas is about sharing, it’s about caring, and if we look back to when St. Nicholas was around (Santa), he made toys for those less fortunate. So let’s spread the love this year and help someone in need celebrate Christmas.

Make Homemade Gifts to Send to Family and Friends Far Away

The travel ban may have dulled the travel plans to visit family and friends; however, it does not need to steal the Christmas cheer. Christmas crafts are the most thoughtful gifts you can make and receive. Commercialism is great, and all, but nothing says “I love you” and “I am thinking of you” more than a hand-crafted personalised gift. What’s more, you can get the whole family involved and save cash for when you eventually get to see your family and friends. 

Donate Food to your Local Homeless Shelter

Let’s get baking! Bring in the Christmas cheer with delicious bakes and food to hand out at your local homeless shelter. Many of these shelters are not funded well enough to afford anything other than peanut butter and bread, so why not share with care and warm many homeless tummies? This great deed will teach your children the value of what they have and the importance of sharing with those who don’t have. And if you are feeling extra festive, dress up and take along some great carols! 

Spread the Cheer To Your Neighbours

Last but not least, spread the Christmas cheer with your neighbours this year by dropping off small gifts such as homemade jam or biscuits or anything that screams Christmas! They will be super thankful, and it is a sure way to get in their good books before your New Year’s Eve party! 

Remember, Christmas means it’s time to spruce things up! Dress up, decorate and spread the Christmas cheer this year! 

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