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7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Eid

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When you think of Eid, what comes to mind? Is it a day where the kids are collecting money, eating more sweets than ever, and lots of family visits and gatherings? The most memorable part of celebrating Eid, especially for kids, is spending time together as a family. 

Some may say that the Christian celebrations are more fun - easter hunts, secret Santa, and all that jazz. However, Eid can too be something fun, even the traditional less westernised bits of it! Celebrating Eid al-Fitr is nurturing your child’s Muslim identity while strengthening family and community ties.

So, what fun ideas do we have up our sleeves for? Besides getting all dressed up and ready for an Eid celebration, here are our 7 ideas to have lots of fun while still keeping it traditional this Eid.

Twinkle Twinkle… Eid Moon Sighting

The best way to keep your kids interested is to make a fuss of the last night of Ramadan to witness the new moon if it’s easy to sight the moon from your backyard, set up a picnic spot with some fancy Eid decorations, hot chocolate in special cups, and delicious snacks to enjoy the evening outside while educating them about the importance of the Holy month, reciting a dua as a family. 

Eid-Proof Your Home

This is a very joyous day, a day to celebrate the sacrifices you all made for the month of Ramadan, so why not decorate your home to make it extra special?

Eid-themed decorations are super trendy, and our selection is very sophisticated yet fun! You can choose from the very detailed Eid signature selection or keep it simple yet chic with a colour palette. We have a creative selection; garlands and bunting, napkins and platters, whatever you fancy, we’ve got it! 

Make the occasion even more memorable by having your family help decorate the night before - this is a fun way to get everyone excited about the next day!

Secret Eidia

Secret Eidia is the Muslim version of Secret Santa, celebrated over Christmas. Instead of giving money this year, why not draw up a list and get people to participate in Secret Eidia. Not only will you save money - we are sure that Eid empties the bank! But it is also a fun way to get the whole family to participate and gift each other - not only the kids. 

The gift giver writes the receiver’s name on the present and leaves it on the table - you can collect all the gifts beforehand to ensure no one sees who gave what. The receiver needs to guess the giver. This is an entertaining way to get the family involved and laughing! 

Let’s Picnic

Let’s be frank; Eid is all about the delicious food aunties are cooking up in their kitchen. Your Christian neighbours are always excited around this time to get the delightful Barakat! LOL!

Since Covid hit, our homes have become a well-lived-in spot, so we understand if you’d instead want to take your Eid Celebration outside. And what goes best with lots of delicious food? A picnic! After your Eid prayers, invite the family to a public park - that way, you can have a few joins and not be cooped up in a smaller space. Arrange ahead of time who brings what and then decorate the area with some Eid balloons, bunting, and our fantastic reusable paper plates and cups

This way, there’s less cleaning and more enjoyment - for kids and adults! 

Play Some Games

Let’s have some fun by playing a few party games with the kids. Get aunties and uncles to join in, it will liven up the day and remind everyone of the joy family brings. Our family favourites are:

  • Pass-the-Parcel
  • Pin the minaret on the mosque
  • Musical chairs
  • Sing Alongs
  • Treasure hunt
  • Obstacle course
  • Charades

If it’s a warm day and you have a pool, incorporate some pool games too - this is super fun and will keep the kids entertained for hours!

Sweeties, Sweeties, Everywhere!

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat on Eid? Create a separate sweets table by placing a fancy tablecloth and decorate with all the fun Eid platters and plates you can find in our Eid Range. You can even create mini treat bags as thank-yous for when your family leaves, or have the kids set up sweet treats to go around handing out to others. 

Give Back

The most important part about Ramadan was giving back to those less privileged and sick and frail. You can continue this gesture by giving those in need of a meal, visiting older people in frail facilities, and helping your community or communities that have been badly affected by Covid and poverty. Your continuous charity is a true reflection of your humanity, and your kids will feel the need to do the same, ultimately showcasing the true meaning of Eid-al-Fitr. 

Wishing Eid Mubarak to all our fancy customers!

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