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Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day with these Mom-umental 8 Ideas

Mother's Day Decorations | Fancy Parties

Let’s all take a mom-ent to celebrate our moms this Mother's Day. Mothers are the ultimate providers: of love, life, lessons, and more. So, what do you give the person who gives endlessly? We don’t think mom needs any more slippers! A heartfelt and thoughtful experience is what she’ll treasure long after the day ends. Due to the pandemic, and the many restrictions, it’s perhaps time we pull out the Mother’s Day decorations and get creative with at-home activities.

If you can’t think o any exciting things to do to show your appreciation, decorations make up for it! Mom will love being made a fuss of, even if it’s in her living room! So, are you ready to say no to the Slippers and Bath salts hamper and yes to a fun, thoughtful celebration? If so, here are our 8 fancy party ideas to make this a mom-umental Mother’s Day! 

Mother’s Day Brekkie

Nothing says I heart you mom more than a pretty in pink decorated at-home breakfast feast. Visualise this, pink roses across the table, pink tablecloth, rose gold balloons, blush pink cups, pink cake stands, Mother’s Day-themed biscuits, and cake even pink floral confetti to make the table setting extra special. Opt for a sweet breakfast buffet - fruits, waffles, and all things nice to really momify it!

Breakfast in Bed, Fancy Party Style

The alternative to a complete breakfast party is an intimate, thoughtful mommed-out breakfast in bed. Even though this may seem ordinary or uncreative, you can take it up a notch by serving and setting up meals and plates, making mom feel super special. To elevate this classic Mother’s Day indulgence, create a colour story with your mom’s favorite hue. What’s more, you could buy mom an elegant tea or coffee set that she can keep. 

Gardening Thyme!

If your mom has green fingers and loves to garden, what better way to spend thyme together while doing what she loves? Get some of her favourite plants, set up a delectable picnic outside as gardening is sure to build up an appetite, and enjoy a peaceful day of gardening. The great thing, too, is that the kids will absolutely love this, so if you’ve turned mom into glam-ma, this is an enjoyable way to say, “I love you a whole bunch!” 

Did Someone Say G-Lunch?

A Garden Lunch is one of the simple yet elegant ways to make your mom and her friends feel fabulous! The setup is the most crucial part, so make sure you have a theme in mind and decorate fully! Our fancy Mother's Day Balloons are the perfect finishing touches to a charming event. You can either decide to host the g-lunch at home or have everyone meet in a close-by park to celebrate all the moms. Save time, effort, and money and still make mom feel super special! PS: don't forget the lunch!

At Home Wine Tasting

Wine not? To the woman who roséd you right. Maybe it’s best to avoid large gatherings at wine farms and instead bring the vineyards home! Get a few bottles of your mom’s favourites, or try something new, invite your mother’s closest friends and enjoy a fun, safe, and memorable wine tasting in the comfort of your own home! 

Let’s Get Crafty

It's time to let your creative side shine! A crafts party complete with decor, delicious treats, and drinks is the way to your mom's heart. This is an excellent activity for all and should bring about many laughs. A great idea to entertain mom is having everyone paint her portrait - she is, after all, the lady of the hour. 

Host a High Tea

Take your mom on an at-home sophistication celebration by hosting a charming high tea. Deck out the lounge or dining area with gorgeous Mother’s Day themed decorations, and treat your mom and some close friends to a lush day of tea-sipping. This is a great way for your mom to simply slow down and enjoy some well-earned pampering. 

Gift Basket Magic

Why spend hundreds of Rands on extravagant gifts when you could be super personal and thoughtful and create your very own gift basket. We are sure mom is always hinting at things - a massage, a day of mani's and pedi's, perhaps some delicious treats and wine… Create a unique care hamper, and if you're in the mood of giving, maybe include a pamper session… by you! That's some great bonding and super thoughtful. 

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