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7 Trendy Party Colour Themes For All Occasions 

  • By Naquita Pastor

7 Trendy Party Colour Themes For All Occasions | Fancy Parties | Party Decorations

Whether you're planning a lavish event (bachelorette, baby shower, birthday party) or an intimate backyard get-together with close friends and family, the colour of your event will set the tone (no pun intended) for the celebration. From the balloons and streamers to the table runners and floral arrangements, a trendy colour scheme will influence the décor you select. 

We know that choosing a colour scheme isn't always easy with that's popular right now, which is why we decided to give you the tops trendy colour palettes to inspire your next bash. From bright, modern hues to classic go-to's, we've got you coloured!

Sunshine Yellow

Possibly the most cheerful colour, yellow, is perfect for celebratory gatherings, especially in summer. Bright, uplifting, and energetic, it's sure to capture attention and fuel good times. The best part? You can turn any poorly-lit room or neutral event space into a lively, joyful atmosphere by adding bright pops of yellow. Our gorgeous Yellow Range will definitely bring the sunshine in.

Black Beauty 

Seeing black-styled celebrations everywhere? Well, it's been voted as the trendiest event colour. We often face a barrage of colours for party planning, but you can simplify and lush out your theme by focusing on this monochrome theme. Simply Chic, black decor elevates any event and adds that go-to-glam that will have everyone talking about your event. Deck out your event with balloons, plates, garlands, and more and create a stylish affair.

Playful Pink

Your event doesn't have to be light and airy. Sometimes, especially when throwing a summer party, bolder is actually better. We love how a bright pink palette can effortlessly create warmth, vibrance, and excitement in a room. Bright colors simply stand out, perfect for an unforgettable event.

Sea Blue

Taking a break from some more vibrant hues, watery blues add a calm and sophisticated party feel. What's more, a sea-inspired combination of nautical blues doesn't necessarily require you to throw a bash near water. You can still beautifully capture the serenity of the sea on dry land. Baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, and more, blue will always do!

Purple Power

The colour of royalty, hues of purple is both luxurious and peaceful. What's not to love? Whether you want to add a soft touch of elegance or invoke a sense of tranquil calmness, lilac and purple party hues are the way to go. 

Rose Gold

If there's one party theme that we can't get enough of, it's rose gold! Whether you're celebrating a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, anniversary, or perhaps you are planning your wedding, a rose gold party theme is the perfect choice for an elegant, stylish and timeless event. 

Gorgeous Green

Green tones are not only a natural beauty, but green is also seen as a lush, romantic colour that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you choose the bright tropical greens or the muted pastel greens, you will create a calm, inviting atmosphere that can brighten even the smallest of spaces. 


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