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Celebrating Easter in 2022

Celebrating Easter in 2022

It’s that wonderful time of year when we get to hop into a world of chocolate, treats, and bouncing bunnies! For many of us, this is also a time where we get to host our families and friends, plan Easter hunts and enjoy all those (much needed) public holidays.

Ready to go all-out for this weekend of fun? We have a ton of amazing Easter-inspired décor that will make your home the favourite place to be.




Get into craft mode this Easter by giving your sweets and chocolates an extra special touch with our DIY Carrot Crackers. Perfectly suited to fit a bunch of little treats, this set of 6 includes snaps, bunny ear paper hats, an easter egg-shaped card for you to write a joke or two and a beautiful ribbon to secure all this awesome in place. The best part about these crackers is that they’re not just limited to Easter, whether it’s a family picnic or a farmyard-themed birthday, our Carrot Crackers will add to the festivities.




Whether you’re celebrating Easter or simply having a Bunny Birthday Bonanza we have the cutest set of direction cards to get the games started! This kit is made up of 11 carded signs beautifully designed in pretty pastels with a touch of colour foiling that’ll help the little ones navigate the garden in search of their hidden treats.




Looking to ensure you have the sweetest and most stylish home or garden while hosting the family, friends, and their little ones? Then our beautifully crafted Honeycomb Hangers are the best way to bring in some colour. These Honeycomb Hangers come in a range of 6 pastel colours that can be perfectly paired with many of the serviettes, plates, and balloons we have available.




No matter the age, nothing beats the excitement of someone getting to see and experience a walkway of wonder! Our 12’’ pastel balloons can be used to create a rainbow that people can walk under, an egg that everyone can hop through. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle create a wall of colour and cute photo station where everyone can take some snaps of their day.




Easter is the one holiday a year marked by everything sweet and sticky. Whether you’re enjoying cake, crisps, croissants, or chocolate everyone is going to need a napkin to wipe away the evidence. Depending on how you celebrate this time of year, you can choose to stick with our solid pastel napkins that match your desired colour scheme or go all-out bunny with the sweetest set of bunny-shaped napkins that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. These adorable napkins come in a set of twelve, so everyone at the table gets to enjoy their cute presence.




It’s clear that we at Fancy Parties take the Easter extravaganza seriously! If you do too, then our two-meter Happy Easter Banner in foiled rose gold with pastel Easter eggs on either side is a wonderful way to make your party Insta-worthy.


Not enough? Fear not! Our fun and crafty DIY Tassel Garland of carrots is a fun way to hop it up a notch. Two meters worth of orange carrots decorated with more-than-a-touch of green tassels can be one of the many beautiful ways to build a backdrop or simply have hanging around the dessert table.


Here’s to wishing all our Fancy Party people an extra helping of Easter happiness!

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