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A Fancy Father’s Day Celebration

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Your dad has been there for you throughout your life. From teaching you how to ride a bike to showing you how to fix things around the house, dad has always been a pillar of strength and someone you can count on. That's why we want you to show him just how much you love him by celebrating him this Father's Day.  

While things aren't entirely as locked down as last year, we still advise you to celebrate Father's Day safely at home. So how can you show your love and appreciation safely this year? There are plenty of creative ways to celebrate. These unique Father's Day ideas will help make celebrating your dad on Father's Day a blast.

Outdoor Family Movie Night

Avengers, Star Wars, Marvel, do these movies excite dad? Suppose dad’s favourite pastime is binging movies. Why not set up a lush outdoor family movie night to celebrate him by doing what he enjoys most? Set up awesome themed Father’s Day decorations, hang a white sheet outside, and project a movie onto the make-shift screen, or if you’re bougie enough, you can hire the equipment for the night. Don’t forget to get some delicious dad themed snacks like our biscuits, or grab our popcorn cups and make your own popcorn! 

Wine and Paint Night

Who says you need to leave your house to have a good time? Have all the fun of a classic wine and paint night in the comfort of your very own home, or, if you’re keen to get out, get some paint, tracings, brushes, wine, and go painting outdoors. Dad will surely enjoy this activity, after all he’s spending time with his fam-bam. To make it extra special, with our fab foil Father’s Day balloons

Blindfolded Beer Tasting

Beer Happy! Be creative this Father’s Day by getting some delicious beers and hosting a blindfolded beer tasting. Dad has to guess the different beers or have the entire family (over18”s) participate. If dad guesses correctly, he gets a present! This is a super fun, interactive way to have safe fun. 

Brew Crew this Father’s Day

Keeping to the beer theme, transform your pops into a beer connoisseur and help him create his own beer. There are fantastic brewing kits available to make your very own signature beer. Dad will thoroughly enjoy this activity, especially when it’s time to sip-sip! 

Braai Not?

The way to your dad’s heart is through his stomach! Deck out the patio or braai area with our lush Father’s Day decorations, buy some mouthwatering meats and sides and have dad go to town while braaing up a storm! 

Games Night

Whether near or far, getting the family together, virtually, or in-person to play some of dad’s favourite games is sure to be a fun way of celebrating him safely. Trivia, Monopoly, charades are just a few of the fun games to play. You can also have some Father’s Day themed biscuits delivered to the various households to help make them feel part of the celebration. 

Bring Out The Old Video Games

It’s time to hand over the remote - the PlayStation remote! Now that so many games are accessible online, hire some of the golden-days video games that dad loved playing. Take a Fortnite break, and welcome The Mario Brothers, Tank, and even Tetris. Let dad take control - literally, and show you how to clock these classics. This is sure to be a Father’s Day to remember! 

Play Mini-Golf 

Dad or Tiger Woods? Let dad show off his mini-golfing skills by turning your backyard into a mini-golf course. How? Create obstacles with bricks, cinder blocks, and anything that will set up a challenge! If you want to be a little extra and insta-worthy, you can hire the mini-golf items at putt-putt venues. 

Sunday Drives 

We don’t know about you, but our fondest memories with our dads are those Sunday drives listening to soulful HeartFM. Why not recreate these moments by taking dad and the family on a mini-road trip? See the beauty of the mountains, oceans, or even the open land. Stop off to enjoy some padkos, set up a beautiful picnic, and enjoy the time with your father. 

We hope our suggestions are up your alley, and you enjoy the time with your dad this Father’s Day. PS; Dad may need a new pair of socks this year…

"Why do fathers take an extra pair of socks when they go golfing?" "In case they get a hole in one!"

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