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A Party in a Box - For the “Lazy” Party Planner

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Let’s face the confetti; we’re not all cut out to be the best party planner in the country, let alone the world. Lavish celebrations have made it a pretty competitive scene for many, and if life didn’t already have so many other pressures, why do we have to add party planning to the mix!?

Boring parties just do not make the list anymore. Social media has made it super easy for you to host an effortless celebration. However, some of these so-called “effortless” events are tons of effort! So, how do you plan an Instagram-worthy party by not breaking a sweat or any nails? Party in a Box! Ha! For our Take it literally fancy fans, we don’t mean hosting one in a box. We mean having your themed event in one box - a party box!

The party in the box concept was conceived to help busy party planners recreate their themed desires by throwing in everything needed to throw a lush yet effortless event. Plus, it's an international trend, so we thought we'd bring it home to SA!

What's more, if you are hosting virtual party celebrations, you can send each household a Party in the box to have the theme consistent in each home! There are guest limitations with the new Covid restrictions, which means one box is mainly needed to create a great atmosphere. 

So, what’s included in these parties in a box...  

The Pro’s of a Party in a Box

The Party in a box is not limited to one theme, in fact, we have six gorgeous themed boxes that will match any occasion. 

Our boxes feature a specific theme with stunning tableware, chic napkins, and fancy decorations. Sets of 8, 10, and 20, what more do you need?

DIY Party in a Box

Even though this blog is about the “lazy” party planner, we understand that some of our fancy followers are the DIY kings and queens of this world, so we decided to help with what you would need in your DIY party in a box. But before we go rockets, don’t forget to pick a lush theme;

  • Themed cups
  • Theme napkins
  • Themed plates
  • Themed cutlery
  • Confetti
  • Garlands 
  • Balloons
  • A cute note - we like punny ones - no pun intended!
  • Snacks

We hope you create and celebrate safely and in style! Our Party in a Box is sure to bring everyone closer, even if you’re celebrating virtually! 

Remember, if you see something on Social and NEED to have it as a party supply, get in touch with us. We LOVE customising to create the PERFECT celebration yet! Tag us in your posts - we live for the party creations. 

Stay Fabulous, Fancy Followers!

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