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Bride Tribe

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Bride Tribe

All around us are women going about their day, facing the challenges that life hands them. They are climbing metaphorical mountains and battling fears and worries that they often face alone. These are women of strength, women of tenacity and women of courage. The expectations placed upon women today, far outweigh the expectations of the past. And as we continue our journeys, we share our vibe and in return, we attract our tribe.

Our tribe is the group of women that surround and support us through some of our hardest moments. They are the one, two or few ladies that we feel we can rely on, break down in front of and share stories of the challenges we are facing. They also happen to be the women we celebrate life with, accomplishments and all those special moments that make memories.

And there is no more dedicated and patient a tribe than that of a bride's.

Bride Tribe

For most women, getting married can be one of the most daunting tasks we undertake. There are so many choices to make, things to get done, orders to be placed and of course, keeping everybody on neutral territory. That is why the tribe of the bride is so important. They are her back up, the persons ready with a glass of wine while she vents about seating charts, the pressure to invite a fourth uncle and her support through all the constant and inevitable wedding talk.

Picking your tribe

Each member of the Bride Tribe has her role and responsibility. The tribe a bride chooses needs to be able to fulfill their role of supporting her on her special day, and in all the small tasks that lead up to it.

  • The Maid of Honour

Every tribe needs a leader, one who can make decisions and navigate the bride through the difficulties and stresses of planning a wedding. She needs to be able to be the right-hand woman to the bride, her shoulder to cry on and the one to keep her calm. A maid of honour has her costs to carry for the wedding, including those attributed to planning the hen’s night.

  • Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are the part of the tribe that just gets you. They are there to support the maid of honour and the bride in all aspects surrounding the nuptials. A bride can have as many or as little bridesmaids as she feels suits her special occasion. Bridesmaids have many responsibilities, part of which includes financially contributing to or fully covering their costs for the dresses, travel, hair, and make-up, not to mention the hen’s night.

It can be very overwhelming to choose your tribe, and so often a bride feels pressured into making the right decisions for everybody else. But it is your wedding, and the decision needs to be the one that is best for you. This is your tribe, and you need to be united.

  • Post Nuptials

And after all is said and done, the planning is complete, the wedding and honeymoon are long over. As the Bride settles into wedded bless she may look around and find herself lucky enough to have the same tribe around, or one or none, and that's okay...because we move on, we find our new tribe or we just find our vibe.


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