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Christmas in July

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Christmas in July

Why oh why...Christmas in July

It feels as if we had only just packed away the colourful lights and Christmas tree and the thought of Christmas cheer seems not too long ago. But it's already July and we are wondering why oh why with so many other things to focus on, this mid-year practice is being thrown at us again! But then as always, the end of year slides right past us and soon we are up to our eyeballs in wrapping paper, ribbons, and good cheer. And synonymous with the fun and excitement of Christmas, is the fancy party, buying of gifts and exorbitant amounts of food – which can sometimes leave our wallets a little sad. So here we aim to provide some rhyme and reason to the madness and some tips on how you can turn this time of year into a great reminder to grab some bargains and prep for the festivities ahead!

What is Christmas in July

Across the world, Christmas celebrations are held in July. Traditionally the northern hemisphere did this in their summer so that they could experience a warmer Christmas. In the southern hemisphere, growing up on the dream of a white Christmas, we began to celebrate the small unofficial holiday in the peak of winter.

Christmas in July 2019

Santa may be coming to town, but the responsibility of gifts and party planning is on you. Decking the halls may seem a little odd, but if we shift our mindset to consider just how fast Christmas is coming, with our help we can ensure there is no pouting and crying come Christmas day.

If you are an early shopper and love a good deal on gifts or a fancy party, then this list is for you. And if you are a last-minute gift buyer, often left with very little in the bank after the cheer has died down, then this list is your new map to Christmas.

Here are a few tips to ensure your Christmas in July preparation gives you a December that is a whole lot more manageable. Take the tips and allocate each one to a month coming up to Christmas, and by November you’ll be patting yourself on the back and throwing around a few of your own ho ho ho’s.

  • Sales (July)

A few South African retailers do hop on board the July Christmas sleigh and sprinkle around a few sales. But what you also see happening at this time of year is the end of the season and stock clearance sales. Keep your eyes open for those red-tagged items that are marked down or being cleared, these can make great stocking fillers as well as gifts for the “not so easy to buy for” family members. Remember good things can come in small packages.

  • Decorations (August)

If you are planner, hosting a festive event or even packing bags and traveling for the season, now is the time to gather the Pinterest board and start making decisions on what you want your Christmas look to be this year. There are so many themes to choose from and it can become a little overwhelming. Fancy Parties has a selection of Christmas décor that’ll give your theme the classy edge, whether it be a Tropical Xmas theme or traditional Red, White and Green party decor. We’ve got all your needs covered. 

  • Food (September)

Now that you know the look and feel, you can plan your meals to suit your theme. Food always becomes more expensive after November, especially the foods we want to share at our festive table. Shop non-perishables and frozen (as a general rule, frozen food can be kept in the freezer for up to three months ) - check your labels and expiry dates. What a perfect excuse to grab a turkey, some lamb and a little mint sauce for your Christmas lunch. Don’t forget your fancy disposable cutlery and tableware from Fancy Parties, have it delivered to your door for a stress-free post Xmas lunch.

  • Make a difference (October)

It is always a sweet moment to know that you have made a difference somewhere in this world, especially at Christmas time. There are many charities needing support, and one that really gets the whole family involved is the Santa’s Shoebox drive. The project started in 2006 and has grown to deliver over 800 000 Christmas gift boxes to children across South Africa and Namibia. Anyone can get involved and pledge shoe-boxes, especially this year as they aim to reach their 1 million shoe-box target. Options to get involved include a shoe-box donation, financial contribution or even volunteering of your time. And why not download the app, so your family can follow the journey of your shoe-box to the hands of a delighted child.

  • It’s a wrap (November)

The gifts are done (almost), most of the food has been bought and the décor has been decided on. The last few steps are wrapping it all up. From glitzy shiny store-bought paper to newspaper in pretty ribbons and hand-stamped art by the kids, there is no limit to the creativity of home gift wrapping. And of course, for those that don’t have the time or the passion, there are always charity gift wrap stations at your local mall who for a small contribution, will wrap your gifts with all the sparkle and cheer your Christmas needs.

Take advantage of the time you have to do Christmas in July so that you can ensure your expenses will be a lot more affordable and you’ll be left singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” with a Fancy Parties twinkle in your eye.


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