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Celebrating a Covid Christmas

Celebrating a Covid Christmas

While Christmas will certainly look different this year, Covid will not steal the Christmas cheer. Many have, unfortunately, lost loved ones this year, and Christmas may feel a lot less festive, but you can still celebrate and enjoy the magic of this holiday. With the increase of Covid cases, and a new strain spreading, the key to a safe and healthy Covid Christmas is to keep it as intimate as possible - the fewer people, the less risk for all.

What’s more, if you decide to celebrate virtually, that too can be festive enough. We are saying no to Covid stealing Christmas, and yes to keeping things small, yet trendy. So, how can you enjoy Christmas during Covid? 

Make Space For Covid Christmas 

As we know, indoor gatherings pose more infection risks than outdoor gatherings, so why not enjoy the summer breeze in your backyard? If you can’t host Christmas outside, choose a well-ventilated area in your home where you can open doors and windows to ensure the safety of all your loved ones.

Covid Christmas Ideas

Decorating your home with festive things is one way to get into the Christmas spirit. But, that’s not all, adding some fun outdoor games can also boost the Christmas cheer and is a safe way to enjoy Christmas in the comfort of your very own home. So, what can you add to the Christmas agenda? 

Outdoor Covid Christmas

Santa Claus: Have someone dress up as Old Saint Nick and hand out the presents 

Smash the Pinata: This is a fun way to keep kids AND adults busy - laughing, cheering, and getting out all that 2020 frustrations. 

Cocktail Competition: Get festive with Christmas cocktails - get the adults to compete in serving the best Covid Christmas drink this year while serving the drinks in our awesome Christmas cups.

Host a Trendy Covid Christmas drive-by 

We’ve seen drive-by birthday parties, drive-by baby showers, and drive-by kitchen teas, so why not have a drive-by Covid Christmas? You can decorate the outside of your home while offering beverages to all who pass by! This way you are staying festive and safe at the same time! 

Admire the lights: Get in your car and visit well-lit neighbourhoods. This is a great way to still get out of the house and be festive but in the safety of your very own vehicle. 

Drive-in Christmas movie night: Host or attend a Christmas-themed movie night to get in the holiday spirit. Better yet, decorate your car and bring along your festive drinks and treats!

Virtual Covid Christmas 

If you can't get together with family and friends this year, a virtual Christmas is not a bad idea! You can make this super fun by decorating and enjoying all the Christmas festivities over a good WiFi connection! You don’t have to give up the tradition this year, instead, do virtual games, virtual Christmas crafting and keep the tradition alive, wherever your friends and family may be! 

Covid Christmas to-do list

Decorations aren’t the only important Christmas to-do’s this year. A Covid Christmas has a few additions to keep in mind. Cleaning supplies, disposable tableware, and sanitisers all form part of that long list of to-dos. Keep your family safe this year!

We are wishing a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!  


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