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6 Fun and Fancy ways to Celebrate a Covid NYE

6 Fun and Fancy ways to Celebrate a Covid NYE

Whew! What a year it’s been, and while we are all excited to welcome in 2021, the reality is that not much has changed. Unfortunately, the new surge in covid cases globally has left many hopeless. 20Plenty was indeed plentiful - so many curveballs, yet you’ve made it! 

Even though there may seem like not much to celebrate, we believe that celebrating your loved ones and making it through this year is a must! It’s no secret that how we’d all usually celebrate is off the cards this year - it definitely does not mean that you can’t have just as much fun with a few loved-ones ringing in a new year! The Good Hope, 5FM and Heart FM countdown will still be there, and so will all of our amazing decorations to really light up the occasion! 

So, how exactly can you enjoy a safe, yet fancy New Year's Eve?

1: Dress Up Party

Rules are that you may have 10 or fewer people over, so why not have your close friends and/or family come dressed up? You can make you fun by having a themed invite, or simply have them come dressed up as they see fit. What could be fun is perhaps anything to do with Covid such as;

  • A pregnant woman (all the vid babies)
  • Uncle Cyril
  • Alcohol
  • A cigarette
  • A mask 
  • A Karen

These are a few silly ones, but we are sure you get the gist of it! 

2: A Virtual Drinks Making Party

This is a great way to still have fun with friends and family while keeping it safe. You can all decorate your homes and celebrate a new year! Name your drinks after covid events, or kick Covid to the curb and start naming what you would like to see in the new year! 

3: Pop Bottles and Confetti 

When the clock strikes twelve, you might as well make the most of it! Even if your celebration is more low-key than usual you can still absolutely use all the confetti poppers or sparklers you want.

4: A cook-off

We love the idea of having a cookoff with the family to enjoy the last day of 2020! This is a fun bonding experience. What’s more, you don’t have to make a mess of it - our awesome throw-away decorations - cutlery, plates and cups, are fancy and New Year's Eve themed, and will get you in the festive mode! 

5: A Quiet Night - Movie New Years Night

And if you’re going to keep it very simple this year, you can still pazazz your home with some decorations, while you enjoy your quiet night watching movies. Get the movies lined up and enjoy NYE indoors.

6: Games Night

Whip out the board games and enjoy a fun night in, or if you will be doing a virtual games night, Zoom has some awesome games to play, or download the House Party App and enjoy the many games they offer, such as Karaoke, Quizzes and more!   


We hope you have a wonderful safe NYE. 

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