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Hop into Easter with these 5 Celebrations Ideas

Easter Decorations | Fancy Parties

There's no doubt that Easter is one of the cutest decor holidays out there. It's a day full of beautiful pastel colours, cute little animals (cough - bunnies), delicious meals, and lots of fun!

Whether you're setting up and competing in your family's egg hunt or filling up a basket with delicious treats, Easter is a celebration of new life. Regardless of your reasons for celebrating, there are many fun ways to enjoy the day - we picked five of our favourite ways to hopping fun. 

Easter Eggs are Really to Dye For

What better way to keep the kids and adults hoppy than getting some eggs to paint? Boil some eggs until hardened and put out paint and decorations — this is a fun and inexpensive family activity.

If you cannot find any craft paint, you can also use some dye, pouring a little of each into easter cups. What’s more, get creative and add shaving cream to the dye to make them lighter/more pastel tone. Just a heads up, though, this is a messy activity, so we suggest wearing some old clothes and set up paint stations outside.

Easter eggs crafting will surely be all the fun they are cracked up to be.

Egg-stremely Ready for this Egg Hunt

Ready. Set. Hunt! Egg hunts are fun for kids and adults. You can hand out cute Easter Hunt bags to all while they go about searching for easter eggs and some delicious treats like our easter themed biscuits. Set up some clues with our awesome Easter hunt kit that includes some cute signs to direct the hunters to where the treats are. If your kids still believe in the Easter Bunny, why not get a pack of our stencil bunny paws to get them excited about the hunt! This is a sure way to keep everyone entertained - for hours!

Some Bunny’s Creative

Get your creative juices flowing with our paint your own easter themed biscuits. This is a fun activity for the whole family, or get your guests to join in on the fun and you can even run a competition! Egg-cite everyone by offering a prize to the winner - who doesn’t like a large easter egg or easter hamper?!

Host a Bunny Brunch

Easter is a feast day - a day of sharing and enjoying. Decorate your home with some cute Easter Bunting and set up a brunch table for friends and family. Have everyone bring a dish, that way, you’re not slaving away in the kitchen all morning, and set up with cute bunny place cards, Easter theme plates, cutlery, and napkins. Add some balloons to spruce up a small or large space, handing out balloons to each guest when they leave, along with a cute carrot treat bag! Your Easter Brunch will go down as a memorable hopping celebration!

Eggs Get Baking!

Bake some delicious bunny-shaped items to add to your bunny platter. You can get the whole family involved, or save the mess and do it yourself! We are sure the themed treats will be enough to get them egg-cited! If you’re in the zone to wow your guests, add a delicious carrot cake - keeping to the bunny theme - to a fancy cake stand and top it off with our Easter cake toppers. This small yet elegant arrangement will have your guests poached!

So, Fancy Friends, what do all the eggs want to do when the egg hunt starts? Scramble! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on all of our cute Easter decorations, so hurry, before they are all gone.

We hope you have the hoppiest holiday yet.

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