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Celebrating Kids’ birthday’s during Covid

Covid Kids Birthday Party | Fancy Parties

What resilient human beans the littlings are! We can all agree that they have handled this pandemic better than most adults and still amaze us with their drive to move forward and exceed and excel. 

This may be a second birthday celebrated during the pandemic; however, it will be a better one because we are here to help! Thankfully we have all moved out of that hard lockdown that was supposed to only last 21 days… alas, it has taught us some valuable lessons - plan ahead! Ha! We understand that some things are last-minute-dot-commers, but we don’t know what Uncle Cyril may spring on us, especially moving into a new, colder season.

That aside, your kiddos deserve to be celebrated. Celebrated for the resilience, their drive, and their motivation to continue through these precedented times. What’s more, they DESERVE the grandest birthday celebration this year, and here’s what you can do while still playing it safe...

Themed Intimate Birthday Bash

You can make this a very fun birthday by having your children prepare sanitising stations for the few very close friends and family. This way you can check everyone’s temperature before they enter the great themed birthday party.

Themed parties are always such a delight as kids get to dress up and enjoy the activities that come with it. We have added some awesome themed items that we found to be a hit with children right now. 

Boy, or girl, these themes are a definite hit and we would love to be part of the grand celebration. Biscuits, balloons, and bunting, we have it all! Remember, stay safe, so don’t invite the entire class!

Host a Drive-By Birthday Party 

This is something unique during Covid times. Even though they won’t be getting sick from all the sweets and cake, the kids will enjoy the noise - all the hooting, the fuss - everyone coming around to show their love, and they will definitely enjoy a different experience of their big day.

We’ve had some great laughs with gifts being tossed onto the lawn and people hooting like maniacs - it’s brought so much cheer. Instead of having a grand gesture, a drive-by event is sure to make your kiddo feel special. What’s more, you can decorate with some balloons and hand out delicious themed biscuits to those who took the time to cause a commotion! This is also a great way to not put a dent in your wallet. 

Chalk It Out

Decorate your drive-way with balloons and bunting, and get some chalk sticks for entertainment. This has been a massive global trend during this time - chalk drawings will keep the kids entertained for some time, and is a great way to keep the germs from entering your home. Get friends and family to write birthday messages and make this a special day for your child. 

Change it Up

It’s time to get creative. Instead of going out for the day, bring the outings home. If you have a backyard, set up a tent or fort with blankets and throw an exciting breakfast or lunch party in there - kids love these things! Set up various stations where they can mess and enjoy the outdoors. Try to not have them inside playing video games - it’s good to get them off of the tech for a bit to enjoy nature, after all, that’s how we grew up! 

Whatever your fancy, we can help with the decor. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send an email and we will try to make your kiddo’s birthday a day to remember! Stay safe, celebrate safely. 

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