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Ladies Night In

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Ladies Night In

Celebrate Woman's Month with a Girl's Night In As Good As (Rose) Gold!

The middle of the year has come and gone and so often we find ourselves feeling tired and worn out. You're probably long overdue a night off and much-needed recharge with the girls, and what better time to celebrate than Women’s Month. But of course, if you have kids or a household to take care of or both, going out can be quite tricky to organize. So why not stay in? Pop the kids into bed early or dispatch them to a trusted family member or friend for a sleepover and have the house to yourself for a Ladies Night In! Your first thought is that this could all cost quite a bit, but with the tips below and décor ideas from Fancy Parties, you’re sure to have a blast while saving the coins! We've incorporated the trend that's still going strong and one of our favourites at FP headquarters, Rose Gold! 

It's time to ring the girls and make a date because planning a fancy party for a Ladies Night In has never been easier. From an intimate night into an energy-boosting get together, here are a few ideas that’ll quickly get you organizing many more to come!


  • Spa Night

Oh, how the years of parenting can catch up on us. So why not grab a few extra face masks and some slices of cucumber, light some lovely scented candles and relax with your friends as the pampering begins. To make it extra fun, request the evening outfits to be dressing gowns and slippers. Add a little glamour and order some string lights from Fancy Parties, to create a magical mood.


  • Movie Marathon

When was the last time you got together and watched some classic chick flick tear-jerkers? Of course, only your best mom friends will be willing to break out the tissues and ice-cream and snuggle up to a run of The Notebook. Dim the lights and have your popcorn at the ready in our gorgeous rose gold mini popcorn boxes as you spend the evening appreciating a great love story. Not in the mood for popcorn? Fancy Parties popcorn boxes can be used for a wide variety of treats, savoury or sweet! 


  • Pizza and Wine Book Club 

Hold a book club evening with your friends once a month, and for August theme it to celebrating women. Take the chance to catch up with each other over the tales and mysteries of a compelling romance, a suspicious disappearance or a strong inspiring heroine. Plan the night around sharing your thoughts and love of good food and wine. Worried about ruining your fancy glasses or all the dishes that come with hosting? Get some fancy disposable cups and matching paper plates and serviettes from Fancy Parties selected range. 


  • Craft Party

As women we all have hidden talents, so why not showcase those at your next mom’s night in. Have your friends bring over their latest crochet projects, scrapbook pages or get crafty! Hosting a party soon? Get some friends around to help you with party prep, from fanning out the hanging decorations to DIYing some bunting or cutting out flags, a great way to put your creative hands together to make the load of planning a little lighter! 


  • Potluck 

Pick your party theme and have each friend bring over a dish of their choice to share that suits your theme. Share around the mini portions of tasters on detailed rose gold plates and fancy rose gold cutlery from our range, and enjoy your imagination sweeping you away to the destination of your theme. Add that extra touch with themed ambient music!


  • Kick it up

Fancy a healthy alternative get together? Get on the old gym pants and get active in a dance class or even a lesson on self-defense in the comfort of your home. Serve up some smoothies in Fancy Parties Rose Gold Paper Cups with Fancy Rose Gold straws in a variety of patterns!  


With so many ideas and things to plan, order your Rose Gold Party Supplies now at and let Fancy Parties check off all the boxes on your party planning décor list! 

Show your girlfriends how special they are to you with a Mom's night in to remember from Fancy Parties, for high end and stylish party supplies!




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