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Planning a Themed Birthday Party For Girls

Planning a Themed Birthday Party For Girls | Fancy Parties | Party Decorations

Can you remember the days you were an excited kid unable to sleep the night before your 365th trip around the sun? The presents, cake, decorations, and singing were what we looked forward to most when it came to that special day. And even though the times and parties have changed (Instagram-worthy), what remains the same is the excitement kids feel on, or days before their birthdays. 

We know that planning birthdays for little girls can become quite stressful, let alone expensive - a truly magical unicorn (maybe a life-sized pony dressed as a unicorn - yeah, we’ve seen this!) You feel the pressure to go big or go home, but really, you need not break the bank when celebrating your little angel’s special day - you simply need a great theme with fancy decorations that won’t bankrupt you. A theme gives you some great guidelines so you won’t go completely overboard while elevating the party to seem even lusher than what came out of your pockets! Bonus - your darling will feel super-duper special while having a blast!

Here are our 5 birthday party themes fit for a princess;

We Love Cherries

A cherry theme party is a great way to enhance a summer’s day or brighten up a dreary winter. Impress your little guests with your fruits of labour by decking out the garden with fun and flirty cherry party decor, some fun garden games, and a delicious fruity menu that will bring about a vibrant atmosphere. The key to the cherry theme is the colour scheme - keep it red and cherry, and you’re sure to make everyone merry! Still cherried? Have a look at our range below.

We Love Daisies 

We can’t think of a more “sunshine-and-smiles” theme than our gorgeous We Love Daisies range. Oh daisy, what a simple yet pretty little flower you are! The yellow and white flowers are perfectly easygoing yet sophisticated, elevating a whimsical birthday party and evoking so much cheer and spirit. Your little girl will love all the yellow fun that comes with this gorgeous theme, along with the many cool painting games you could play, along with creating pretty daisy crowns. What’s more, we have exactly what you need to make the daisy theme come to life;

We Love Fairies and Butterflies by Meri Meri

Fairy kisses and butterfly wishes. Who doesn’t love a little fairy dust scattered everywhere? Throw an enchanting party for your little girl with the fanciest fairiest party decorations in a gorgeous pastel palette by Meri Meri. Create a magical fairy glade with our fabulous range featuring beautifully illustrated tableware and pretty pink and pastel decorations, this fairy theme will certainly enchant your guests.

We Love Magical Creatures

Enchanted rainbows, mermaids, and unicorn parties are the latest kiddies-themed party trends right now. Unicorns, pastel palettes, glitter, and gold dust - slightly similar to the fairy theme? We can assure you that your rascal will not agree! Set the magical scene with decorations to bring the party theme to life by going on a magical adventure with us; 

We Love Narwhals

Under the sea… that’s where you will be... mystical sea creatures and glitter lovers rejoice!  The unicorn of the sea is the perfect party idea for a sweet little girl. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of a mermaid and unicorn combined?! That’s totally mystical to us! Narwhals are the cutest thing to happen to the ocean since sea stars, and that’s why we love them! And we know for sure that your little poppet will be just as excited to swim through the magic with our fancy and fun narwhals;

We hope we could spark some great party ideas and that your little princess has a glorious time celebrating her trip around the sun!

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