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Spring into Celebration with these 8 Party Ideas

Spring into Celebration with these 8 Party Ideas | Fancy Parties | Party Decorations

Spring is officially here! Yeah, we know that we generally welcome Spring on September 1st, however, the “real” (according to nature) Spring Day is the Spring Equinox, which is September 23rd. And how lucky are we that the very next day is a public holiday?! We love our Heritage - AKA Braai Day.

So, with the official Spring arrival, we can’t help but feel a spring in our step as the air is filled with celebration. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, the birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming, and that’s why we think you should ring in the new season with a great ol’ cheer!

Pineapple Fun in the Sun

Let’s get tropical as we say aloha to the sun. Welcome the warm weather with some gorgeous tropical fever decorations like our trendy pineapples. Welcome back cocktails and tropical drinks to celebrate this new season and tropic like it’s hot!

Fiesta, Fiesta!

When you think of hot days, does a Mexican theme come to mind? Celebrate Spring with an ode to Mexico and all the cacti fun - a Fancy Fiesta! Decorate with lots of bright colours, delicious Mexican foods, and drinks. What’s more, real cactus is a great thank-you gift that will last forever and will be a gentle reminder of that fancy fiesta!

Flower Power 

It’s time to throw a blooming good celebration! Flowers are a dominant presence in Spring making it a gorgeous theme for your celebration. Bright, cheerful colours are what’s trendy right now, but if you love a little touch of elegance, pastel colours are the route the go. Our Garden Party Range or the We Love Daisies Range is perfect for that flower power celebration. Coordinate your theme with fresh flowers on display to make it even more floral!

Palm is the Bomb

Are you California Dreaming? Bring the sunshine and palm trees to South Africa with our incredibly detailed Palm Springs-themed decor. Your slice of paradise is a click away, and will definitely be a tropical hit this Spring.

Do the Flamingo

Did someone say Flamingo? It’s time to pull out all the pool toys and throw a flamingo parade! Pinks, Golds, Yellows, and Lush - that’s what comes to mind when we think of the elegant birds. We definitely have the tropical fever, do you? Balloons, napkins, straws, plates, and more - Whatever you need to throw a flaming flamingo party, we’ve got it. Set the tropical vibe that will be the party of the season!

Time to Al Fresco 

It’s finally warm and sunny - yay - so take the party outside! Set up your outdoor space to dine al fresco. If you don't have your own outdoor space, plan to head to a public park on a nice day for a picnic.

Pastel Pop

Pastels are often associated with Spring and are simple to incorporate as a party theme. Decorate any space using soft yellow, mint green, and pale pink. And, since it’s warm out and we are sticking to a pastel colour palette, sorbet is a delicious spring party dessert. 

Living Life Like It’s Golden

Celebrate the sun with a gold-themed party. This theme is simple yet elegant. We can’t think of anything more lush and appropriate that screams Spring! Let it glow and put on a golden decor show. Decorate with a lot of gold or bright yellow items. Yellow foods, such as pineapple or pizza, also can play into the theme.
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