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The 8 Best Virtual Celebrations

The 8 Best Virtual Celebrations

We are ringing in 2021 happily, but not without a few changes. The year before has been tough - job losses, loved ones passing on, and many other mental issues brought to the surface. But now we look ahead to what 2021 has to hold, and even though we cannot gather under the same roof, we can still celebrate the many milestones in each other’s lives.

From birthday parties to wedding showers, celebrations will be a lot different this year. What we can look forward to is still enjoying these special occasions, virtually! There’s no need to cancel things. You can celebrate safely in your homes while sharing the fun with others. So, what and how can you do that?

Host a virtual dinner party

We all love having people overeating, laughing, and sharing all the memories we’ve made along the way. This year does not have to strip that from us. Virtual dinner parties have become a global trend, and we know how much you love trends! 

Why not decide on a recipe or cuisine and have everyone cook and eat together over zoom or google hangouts? This way you are still able to eat together, safely. And if you all aren’t in the mood to cook something elaborate, do your bit to support local businesses by ordering in. this way you all can eat from the same restaurant in the comfort of your own homes. What’s more, decorate your homes to help make the occasion even more special. We have a range of various themed decorations that can have your virtual dinner party looking like a Pinterest board! 

Cocktail Hour

Get all your girls together virtually to celebrate some delicious cocktails while dressing up in your finest party attire. Now’s the time to look like the superstar that you are!  Dress up the room with lavish decorations, and send out cute official invites. You could even include a quaratini recipe! What’s more, you can bless someone with a job by hiring a mixologist to do a virtual cocktail mixing course for you and the girls. If the boys want to join, even better! Everyone is welcome, virtually! 

Throw a Virtual Birthday Bash

Who doesn’t like a birthday celebration? We love it so much that we have so many different themed decorations for you to choose from! 

Celebrate birthday’s safely this year by decorating your home, having only your loved ones around, and host a Zoom call with everyone else. You can even send them some of the decorations, party hats/streamers/confetti and make it festive for them too! 

Virtual Baby Shower

A virtual baby shower or baby reveal party is the way to go. We don’t want to be the reason mama and baby fall ill! Deck out the venue where mom will be and have people drive-by and some join virtually. This way you are keeping the celebration of a new life alive while preserving the lives of others! Have a look at our amazing range to get the creative juices flowing and prepare yourself for this joyous occasion! 

Virtual Bachelorette Party

Who would have thought? Gone are the days of taking body shots and painting the town red with the girls! Now you can host a virtual bachelorette party, and everyone can join - no excuses accepted! Make this a special occasion by theming the party and having everyone dress up for the bride-to-be. Even though it won’t be a night of craziness, it will definitely still be a night to remember! Have a look at our gorgeous range of bride-to-be decorations. 

Virtual Bubbly Party

Happiness is a glass of bubbly! As the name suggests, bubbly makes you bubbly! Prepare yourselves for a night of laughs and mad fun with our amazing bubbly box. It’s a set of 10, so you can send each girl their own set, and you all can celebrate in style toasting to the year ahead and a glorious friendship! 

Virtual Dance Party

There’s nothing like a dance party, now more than ever! Why not plan your virtual dance party by decorating your home and have your friends do the same? Create a playlist that you can sync with everyone and enjoy the good music while you sweat it out in your home over Zoom! Think about it - it’s fun, a workout, and no one spilling drinks on your shoes! 

Virtual Book Club 

And for our quieter fancy followers, start a virtual book club! This is a fun way to celebrate literacy while sharing laughs and just enjoying a glass of vino with friends! Select a book for all to read or listen to and then draw up some questions to chat about during the session - a virtual book club means more can join and works out a lot safer than drinking and driving! If you want to go the extra mile, pazazz your home, or send a trendy gift box to each book clubber.

And as things may seem a lot more unusual than other times, virtual events can still unite us all. There’s no need to kick celebrations to the curb, just ensure you are doing it safely! 

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