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Fatherhood is sometimes condensed down to a single image; a father and son tossing a rugby ball in the backyard or, a dad and daughter working on a car. While these images are meaningful, everyone knows that your dad, or whoever holds that role of a father figure in your life, means so much more than just a single moment.

Fathers impart wisdom, share hobbies, and pick us up when we stumble—with Father’s Day around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to reach out to your dad (or dad-equivalent) and let him know how much he means to you. Whether your Pops is a master of bad dad jokes, a serious chef, or a local sports coach, we’ll help you find the right Father’s Day decorations to make his day all sorts of special.


The Dad Badge


It doesn’t matter how old we get, there is nothing as affirming of our efforts as a human than a good ol’ badge that we can sport around the house or show off at lunch! Our awesome “Best Dad” badge is made of satin with a carded foil finish in a very cool teal. The best part is that the quality of this badge means dad can be wearing it for years to come.


Blue Dad’s Day Balloons


Whether you’re spending dad’s day together with your own family or have decided to spend it with your extended-blended families; our set of 5 blue confetti balloons is sure to add that extra touch of happiness to the festivities. Minimal effort and maximum impact, all you need to do is get those lungs in action or head over to the nearest helium supplier, give them a good shake and pop them all over the house or table.


Best Dad’s Day Banner


There’s something super special about waking up or walking into the kitchen and seeing a beautiful banner dedicated just to you! Our gold “Happy Father’s Day” banner sets just the right tone for a day filled with love and laughs. Totally re-usable should you wish to make dad’s day special every year and can easily be paired with any of our other Father’s Day décor accessories.


Dad Takes the Cake


Whoever might have taught you how to bake (or buy) a delicious cake, we know dads are normally the ones who gobble up their fair portion! Don’t let dad’s desire to demolish the cake go unnoticed. Our gold and teal “Best Dad” cake topper is just the right size to get dad to stop and feel appreciated before the family dives in. Plus, these colours are the perfect match for our “Best Dad Badge” and banner.


The Gift that Keeps Giving


Gift bags and ribbons are always worth the money spent! There’s nothing quite like recycling the same bag year after year and dad always appreciating what’s inside. Whether your gift is small and meaningful or big and magical, our “best dad” ribbon and “best dad” gift bag are the perfect finishing touches. Plus, with 5 meters of ribbon in a single pack, it’d almost be enough to wrap dad himself.

To all the wonderful fathers, father figures, and male mentors out there who have made an impact: be it to your kids, others’ kids, your family, people you’ve mentored, people you’ve coached or maybe, even the world at large. Thank you for all that you do! Happy Father’s Day.

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