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A Wonderful Eid Festival

A Wonderful Eid Festival

It’s almost time to celebrate one of the most exciting and important days in the Muslim calendar after a long month of prayer and fasting! Eid al-Fitr is the festival that follows this time, characterised by a day of delicious food, a double-dose of time with family and friends, a renewed sense of faith and a responsibility to give to others. 

As expected for this wonderful festival; families and communities gather to exchange money, and gifts, spend time laughing and sharing love and of course, making the hosting homes a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.

This is where we come in! Fancy Parties have an amazing selection of Eid-inspired décor that’s centered around the beauty of this festival and includes everything from plates, serviettes, balloons & more!




Ramadan falls in the 9th month of the lunar calendar and given that the moon appears at different times across the world, this has become a wonderful way to keep the little ones entertained! Get the family together for a night under the stars with a beautiful dinner that sparkles from the table to the sky, featuring our gorgeous gold and white paper plates embellished with the mosque, moon and stars, cups to match the delightful design and our gold star pinata that can be filled with a ton of scrumptious sweets.




Do you have the honour of hosting this wholesome and holy festival? We know it can be quite a task to make sure your home is a place of joy and celebration, especially after a month of fasting! Family and guests are looking forward to enjoying a day of indulgence. 


Make sure your home is looking splendid with our range of Eid-themed decorations in a range of colours and styles. If you’re looking to go the cool but cost-effective route, why not pick a colour that keeps things simple? A deep navy blue or dark violet that signifies wisdom, dignity and wealth is the perfect way to set the scene with the option of adding a pop of luxury with our gold table scatter of moons and stars, plus scripted Eid Mubarak confetti. The best part is that this high-quality scatter is also reusable.




Ramadan is a time of giving and sharing. While we encourage an attitude of kindness and giving all through the year, why not use Eid as the day to acknowledge your family’s contribution to others, as well as reward the faith they’ve shown all month? Our gorgeous gold range of Eid décor is the perfect thank you to yourself and your loved ones.


Pair our beautiful gold moon and stars banner with our white and gold patterned tablecloth to create that extra level of luxury and indulgence. Looking for something to take the cake? Use our acrylic topper to set the scene on the desserts table.




Whether the aunties have brought over platters of sambousek or bhajia to get the starters started or the kids have pleaded all morning for nankhatai and ma’amoul - we have all the paper plates and platters you need to ensure the delivery of the dish is as delicious as the food itself. From round plates of gold and white, a scalloped design in a range of colours or a set of 8 square mint green arabesque style options, you can be sure there is something to suit your style. Worried about sticky fingers? Depending on your choice of colour we also have perfectly matched serviettes for the mess!




It’s been a long month and Eid al-Fitr is the perfect day to take the fun to the next level! Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained or to ensure that the whole family gets some bonding in, we wanted to share our easy to enjoy games that are suitable for everyone.


  • Pass-the-Parcel


Wrap a gift in tons of layers of wrapping paper and have the family sit in a circle, pass the parcel around removing one layer of paper at a time until one lucky person lands on the gift inside. Prefer giving each person a personalised gift? Shop our set of 5 gold Eid Gift bags adorned with a gold rope and a beautiful star label to write your message.


  • Pin the minaret on the mosque


Print a big picture of al-Masjid al-Haram and cut out the minarets. Blindfold one child at a time and get them to try to pin the towers in the correct places on the mosque.


  • Musical chairs


Nothing says festival quite like music! Get your favourites onto a playlist while the family set up a few chairs back-to-back. Play the music while everyone walks around the chairs and stop when everyone is least expecting it! The person without a chair is out and another chair is taken away.




As Ramadan ends, we acknowledge the goodness of all those who have given throughout this time and continue to share this joy on Eid al-Fitr. For all those continuing in the spirit of generosity, we have stocked a range of beautiful gold gift bags and envelopes that wish the receiver, Eid Mubarak!


Here’s to wishing all our Fancy customers who celebrate the beautiful festival of Eid, an Eid Mubarak.

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