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Celebrating Christmas In July

  • By Naquita Pastor

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It's time to take out those sweaters, google an eggnog recipe and celebrate a toasty Christmas in July. Who says Christmas only has to be once a year? Get behind the nifty Pinterest-worthy trend and decorate your home to enjoy a winter wonderland!

These trying times have been tough for all. Still, perhaps the right pick-me-up is getting your celebration juices flowing again and ringing in July 25th as a Christmas mystery. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good ol' Christmas movie under a warm blanky!? You may not be in the northern hemisphere when the actual Christmas day is celebrated (snow, ho, ho!), but it's a good SA winter to throw an intimate Christmas party! 

And suppose you feel this is a marketing or retailer's way of boosting sales. In that case, we can assure you that the Christmas in July trend was not started by other retailers or us. According to legend, Christmas in July was first celebrated at a summer camp in 1933, when Keystone Camp in North Carolina decided to dedicate two days (24th and 25th of July) to the holiday. They decked out these days with fantastic cotton fake snow, a Christmas tree, a gift exchange, and, of course, Santa Claus! Retailers only cottoned on to the holiday in the '50s, and it has now become a global trend.

How to Celebrate Christmas in July

If you want to gather a small group of your loved ones and celebrate Christmas on 24th and 25th July, here are our 4 favourite ways to get in the spirit:

Deck your halls. 

It's time to haul out the Christmas gear and all your Christmas cheer. Set up the Christmas tree, get out the fairy lights, and light up your Home. It's time to finally try a winter Christmas look, just like in your favourite Christmas movies. And if you want a complete revamp of your Christmas Decor, our Christmas in July range is on sale! From bunting to Christmas paper fans, napkins to Christmas paper plates, we have all the Christmas delights in making your Christmas in July like a scene out of Home Alone! 

Christmas in July Menu

It may be a little challenging to find gammon or any other Christmas favourites, but that does not mean you can't feast it out with some delicious new additions. Christmas is always about good food and company, so try and get some input from your family, or totally surprise them with some delightful fresh Christmas meals on super Christmassy plates! We would still suggest getting a scrumptious turkey to stuff with all things good. What do you say? Oh, and don't forget the eggnog! That's the best way to keep warm over the cold weekend. 

Bring back the Elf on the Shelf for a winter visit

Your elf can get into all kinds of new indoor shenanigans. You can have dear Elfie setting up a fun Christmas photo booth with our fun Santa in a box photo props. Or, as the good Elf does, keep the kids well behaved while you prepare the feast.

KISS Christmas July Gifts

There's no need to go out of your way and buy extravagant gifts for this occasion. Instead, you could have a crafts evening and make each other gifts. We can't think of a better way to bond and appreciate each other. This takes your kids and family back to understanding the real meaning of Christmas. 

There are many ways to enjoy a Christmas in July, and we sure hope you do. Put on your favourite Christmas Carols, line up a Christmas movie marathon, roast some smores, or even enjoy a board game. Even with Covid and all the unrest in the country, you will feel that Christmas cheer because your family is near!

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