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Planning a Fancy Party on a Budget

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A Fancy Party on a budget? Parties have become an opportunity to keep up with the Joneses and one-up each other with Pinterest-worthy images for your Instagram feed these days. Enormous balloon centerpieces, princess spa days, video game arcades on wheels, and more… How can you possibly throw a party on a budget? 

Whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, graduation party, bachelorette, or a fancy dinner party, we look forward to celebrating special occasions with our loved ones each year each year each year, stylishly!

Covid has dampened many moods and occasions, restricting how we celebrate and even with whom we enjoy and make memories. Fortunately, with some creativity, improvising, and resourcefulness, marking milestones is still possible. No matter how you spend your special occasions, one thing Covid has taught us is that it need not cost a fortune to have a fabulous time.

When saving money is as vital as ever, we’ve compiled budget-friendly tips for party planning amid the pandemic.

Keep it Lean, Spring Bean

No, we aren’t talking about your weight, but about all the humans you plan to include. We know that one of the most challenging tasks of party planning is deciding who to invite. Luckily, Covid has made it a little easier and lighter on your wallet by limiting the number of guests. A simple place to start is by saying no to plus-ones and children. If it’s a kiddies-themed party, there’s no written rule saying you have to invite your kid’s entire class! Now that virtual parties are a big trend even post-pandemic globally, all the guests you couldn’t include can join via streaming. Less guests, less mess!

Design Your Invitations

In the days of digital, there are many ways to create your themed invitations that won’t break the bank. Our favourite design tool has to be Canva. What’s more, it’s FREE! Design awesome themed invitations that you can send out via email or even as a WhatsApp message. Now you can theme it and not only dream it! Personalise your invites and not spend a penny!

Themed Decorations, Old and New

Who says you only need new decorations to plan a lush themed party? Half the fun of throwing a celebration is picking out a theme and watching it come to life. Try and find things around the house as well as including new items from our awesome themed decorations. We have fancy Party in a Box party decorations that will save you quite a bit as it includes many of the items you may need to throw a lush event. What’s more, try making some homecrafts - that is a huge trend right now, and is a very inclusive activity for the whole family.  Pick a theme that you can repurpose - it’s a huge money-saver!

Bake a Cake for Goodness Sake

If you’re a regular Sumaiya Omar AKA The Cake Dutchess, you might envision going all out and making your own cake from scratch and decorating it with layers of fondant… hmm just thinking about it makes our mouth water! But if you’re not a baking queen, pop into your nearest grocery store and grab a box mix and icing. We know that it may not be an over-the-top looking cake, but you can dress it up with our awesome cake toppers and place it on one of our beautiful cake stands to add that pazazz. 

Gift a Little

Party favours have always been very popular and a nicety to thank guests fotr coming to celebrate with you, however, they can become quite costly when having to buy one for many people, and that’s why we suggest you get our awesome themed  biscuits to have as a gift to each party goer. IF you’d much prefer to get a small gift, our party boxes and bags are the perfect wrapping for it! Remember you don’t have to go overboard to say thank-you!

Did Someone Say House Party?

Lastly, call us crazy, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing a birthday party or any intimate celebration in your living room, dining room, or somewhere that doesn’t require you to pay for it. A party on a budget in the comfort of your own home is the way to go! Simply decorate and you will be transported to another place. It’s safer and cheaper and definitely gets our thumbs up for partying on a budget!

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