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A Fancy Birthday Party - Lockdown Style

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As South Africa's Covid numbers continue to climb, hitting a record of 26 000 daily cases, you need to surrender the idea of hosting a lush celebration with all your friends and family to enjoying yet another lockdown party. 

Living in South Africa, we are usually so spoiled for choice when selecting venues and ideas of how to celebrate our birthdays or any other joyous occasion; until Covid hit, we've never been short of ideas. So what can you do during a lockdown, especially with limited people, an alcohol ban, and a stringent curfew?

We understand you may be a bit bored of the typical drinks-over-a-laptop-screen now that we're 16 MONTHS in, or even that the WIFI connections aren't all that reliable - "Can you hear me?" We know it, but once you've allowed yourself a hot second to feel blue that the in-person event you had planned isn't possible right now, it's time to get planning - virtually.

Even though we wish we could help you plan the perfect in-person birthday party, we have some tips and tricks for nailing a lockdown party. 

Themed Birthday Parties Rock

There's no doubt that hosting a virtual themed birthday party will take your bash from 0 to 100 real quick! It is also a great way to get everyone involved and keep it super fun! We know that it can be quite tricky selecting themes, and that's why we thought we'd list our fabulous ranges below to get you excited for your birthday party. What's more, you can send decorations to your guests to get them just as happy to decorate their homes while tuning in online to the celebrations. So, themes?

And more…

Drive-By Birthday Parade

Drive-by-party ideas are still prevalent in 2021, especially now during level 4 lockdown. There are all sorts of creative ways to make this socially distancing birthday party special for you and your guests. Decorate the outside of your home with posters, tie balloons and garlands to the burglar bars, trees, and more, blast the tunes, and if you feel comfortable, your party guests can collect some awesome thank-you gift bags

High Tea Party

Let's get elegant with one of the most popular alcohol-free traditions right now, a high tea at home. As the custom has evolved, tea time is usually scheduled from mid to late afternoon and includes delicious savoury snacks, bite-sized sandwiches, scones, and biscuits, accompanied by a good pot of tea, of course! We not only have gorgeous cake stands and platters to lush out your and your virtual guests' tables, but our delicious custom-made biscuits are exactly what you need as the show-stopper! What's more, we are happy to deliver to each household, making this one an extraordinary event!

Restaurant meal at home

The pandemic has gutted the restaurant industry, but you can still do your part and help by ordering in. One way to kick off the birthday celebrations is to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal at home; what's more, order meals for your virtual guests and dine together. Top the dinner at home with our gorgeous party plates, cups, and cutlery. You're not only lushing out at home but also helping a badly affected industry!

And although we know you'd much prefer to host a party with all your friends and family in one venue, it's better to be safe than sorry, and also abide by the law! A 2021 virtual birthday in isolation will be one to tell the grandkids about years from now. You'll be back to celebrating with your loved ones before you know it! Hey! You can even redo your birthday celebrations - 2 birthdays sounds good to us! 

Oh, and don't forget to sing Happy Birthday.

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